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Vision 57 is a consulting firm focused on business and marketing strategy in capital markets.   

We help FinTech firms of all sizes stand out from the crowd, accelerate their revenue growth and execute on their business plans.

Institutional buyers today are increasingly bringing their consumer buying habits into the B2B domain.  This means that traditional go to market strategy often fails as buyers are way further along in their customer journey before they even think to approach potential suppliers.

Vision 57 specialises in the new “4Ps” of marketing and business strategy -  Purpose, People, Presence and Points of View.

When combined correctly these enable you to:

  • Position your business to maximise its potential

  • Build life long brand loyalty

  • Engage with potential customers before they even put their hand up.

Flying Bird

Steve Grob

Founder  - Vision 57

I have spent nearly all my working career in capital markets and have developed a deep understanding of how global financial markets work, their evolution and the dynamics between technology, regulation and business. This understanding is combined with the ability to position technology firms correctly, develop capabilities to make them successful and then to increase their value as part of a defined exit.

I have set up and run my own FinTech busineses and was part of the executive team that built Fidessa into a global provider of workflow automation with annual sales of over $400 million.

I am also recognised as an extremely effective communicator and thought leader in the space.



We work with firms to ensure that their business activities and marketing programmes are focussed on what their clients really want rather than just describe the features of the products and services they offer. Take a look below at the services we offer and get in touch to achieve immediate results.

Brand Strategy

Brand Strategy

Connect your messaging to the overall mission of your organisation and sell your brand story to all stakeholders.

Colorful Dreidel

Strategic Consulting

Unlock the real potential of your business by positioning it in a way that makes it unique.

Working Tools

Account Based Marketing

ABM is all about applying B2C constructs in the B2B domain.  We design and build programs that target the right people with the right messages at the right time.


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